Much of the early work on Haworthia was based on fairly limited observations in nature. These were essentially point collections (often very close to roads) from which seemingly discrete elements were recognized as species. … When Bruce Bayer started his studies of the genus Haworthia circa 1970, a new era of more methodological collection and thorough recording of the material resulted. – Kobus Venter, from the Foreword of Haworthia Update volume 1

These Haworthia Updates were written in the face of confusion and ignorance about the subject of taxonomy and its purpose.  The first and most important objective was to gather information on which to base a better classification.  The second was to explore classification itself to resolve the problem of why there is so much conflict and confusion.  The third objective was to reach some personal goal of understanding and a basis for good communication with others. – Bruce Bayer, 30 October 2011

Author M. Bruce Bayer
Editor Lawrence. M. Loucka