Enigma 3. The Haworthioid rocks of the Aspho Delay Sea

When a rabbit is pulled out of a hat during a stage show, it is not required to then give a learned discourse on the theory and practise of illusion.

This is the very strange position I find myself in.  If I ask myself why I am here I have to reply ‘I do not know, I did not intend coming,, but I am here because I knew I would be here.

Why I was not going to be here is because the only subject I could talk about, the one I would want to talk about, would be about a species definition in relation to the actual meaning of life.

I would talk about consciousness, the creative event, development of physical form, the distribution of phenomenon in space changing with time, the significance to the individual consciousness, and species evolution and definition.

Obviously I do not know enough to deal with the topic ‑ so how could I offer a paper.  A wise man apparently once said, now that I know everything, I realise that I know nothing.

But here I am and I have to ask myself again why am I here.  What is the event, what are the causal elements, in my presence here.  From my point of view there is one very very worrysome thing on my mind.   It revolves around the Haworthioid rocks of the Aspho Delay Sea (Asphodelaceae).   Some people continue to, presume that I think this is a feature of the flat dark side of the moon.

I have here a recent copy of the succulent magazine Haworthiad (12:2, 1998) and  there is an article entitled.. “Another attempt to solve the enigma of H. arachnoidea.. “.   I want to pretend it came with this covering letter. ‑ because this is what it means to me.

The letter reads:‑

“Hi Brucie,

How goes it?  We know you have been in prison for the last 17 years and we would like to keep it that way for the contribution you have made to society, but toughies.  Herewith is a copy of our trial record and your indictment.

We have found, despite your appeals, that old Scottie did what he should have done (you did indirectly too) but you should have done it the way we are doing it now.

We do not know where this is specifically stated among the articles of the code (it may be stuck in the preamble somewhere) but the IBCN is very very clear  and unambiguous on the provisions of precognition.

Sorry about all that.


Your buddies (signed) Wolgang Borgmann and Ingo Breuer.

PS See you on gallows hill.”


I see there are some co‑signatories, but a bit too many for me to cite all the names.


The letter I was hoping to get after the appeal I submitted to the court was this.   It is an answer I think would be appropriate to the truth of the situation.


“Dear Mr Bayer, Sir,

We regret sincerely to find that what you said in 1986, and is in a publication which we overlooked in the gathering of evidence, is correct.  It does not really matter because we find you have just as effectively provided exonerating evidence in at least two other publications and in recent documents in the public record.

Although we have now formally typified names of the elements relevant to this particular case against you, we have to agree that it does not effectively alter anything that either you or Scott did.  We can only agree that:‑

H. setata sensu Scott is synonymous with H. arachnoidea,

and H. arachnoidea sensu Scott is synonymous with H. herbacea. Both perfectly obvious to us in the evidence available to us and highlighted in your appeal.  We regret our oversight in not recognising this before.

Thus in overturning our own verdict we recognise that your claim that typification is not the cause of confusion in the case, absolutely correct.  We offer an abject apology.  We must find ourselves, in view of further evidence you might find in the trial record, incompetent to try cases of this nature and thus recuse ourselves accordingly.  All we can do to compensate you is to ensure that your intellectual property which you so kindly placed at the disposal and mercy of Mr Ingo Breuer is returned intact and unused to you.


Yours very respectfully

(signed) Wolfgang Borgmann and Ingo Breuer

PS. We will ensure that the findings as presented above are publicly known and that you are a free man to resume your rightful place in society that you have for so long been deprived of.”