Enigma 9. Does the ruling body of the ICBN know what it has done?

The text for this version is the same as for Version 8 with the addition of the following text:-

Literature cited:- The literature is practically that in:-
1998 Borgmann and Breuer, 12.3(79).

Add: 1986 Bayer, British Cactus and Succulent Journal 4.8:45.
1997 Smith, Bothalia 27.1:27.

The actual words to which I wish you to refer are:-

‘In later years Larry spent ‘far too much’ time on nomenclatural disputes………  Convinced that the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature could be improved, a number of proposals for amendation of parts of the code were unsuccessfully submitted.’
1997 Williamson, Aloe 34.1&2:30.

The actual first quotation from the work I use is this:-

‘Towards the last years of his life, he became bogged down in what APPEARED to be insoluble taxonomic problems.  His personal interpretation of the code led him into dark waters and he devoted much valuable time, that could have been more used more productively, to prolonged, stubborn argument.’