Mystery – part 13, Swellendam

41. 2019.6.15 – There are many imponderables In Haworthia that cloud the issue. For one, there is the big separation of a group of species in area 2 of my map from the rest of the S Cape. This can be linked to the two populations about 12km west Swellendam. One is on an igneous intrusion and the only rational place for it in my personal view, is that it represents H. mirabilis. The wide range of variants so troublesome to description can be compared with mirablis “sublineata” at Bredasdorp, mirabilis E. of Greyton, but also to emelyae “multifolia” and even to H. rossouwii. Those are the first two pictures. The others must represent floribunda on the basis of the other variants of that species around Swellendam that also suggest it is not mirabilis. Together they stress the reality that a far wider concept of the species is necessary.