Haworthia Revisited – 26. Haworthia outeniquensis

26. Haworthia outeniquensis Bayer spec. nov.  Type: CAPE-3322 (Oudtshoorn): Moerasriver (-CC), Venter, Marx & Kent 94/61 (NBG, Holo.).

The form of this species is similar to that of H. monticola, but the difference is that the leaves are pellucid to translucent and firmer in texture.  In brighter light the pellucid markings become more translucent and the opaque venation becomes reddish in colour.  The margins of the leaves are quite cartilaginous.  The distribution is complementary to that of H. monticola and H. chloracantha and one would have hoped that such populations strengthened the view of continuity between those two species.  However, this does not seem to be the case.  The two known populations are some considerable distance apart but in both cases are in exposed situations in sandstone in dry Fynbos.  Venter suggests that the flowers relate to H. magnifica.  (H. monticoleis affinis sed foliis solidioribus flavo-viridibus venatione rebella et marginibus carilagineis differt.)

Rosette acaulescent, 40-60mm diam., proliferous by off-set.  Stem up to 15mm diam.  Leaves erect to sub-erect, up to 60 X 6-10mm, 2-3mm thick, incurving tips with 2mm long end-awn, surfaces with pellucid anastomising dots, yellowish-green;  face convex with 4-5 prominent rows of conspicuous pellucid dots; back convex with 3-6 rows of pellucid dots, with sharper keel bearing spines to 1mm long; margins similarly toothed, margins and keel pellucid.  Peduncle simple, 1-1.5mm diam., 300-450mm long including raceme, brownish-green;  base smooth, 2-angled;  raceme with 7-15 flowers, 1-3 open; pedicels 4-6mm long, 1mm diam.,  sterile bracts 10-14, 8-10mm long.  Perianth white and yellowish-green, 15mm long, perigon sub-triangular, tepals slightly bilabiate, upper outer tepals slightly replicate;  tube yellowish-green within;  buds slightly biarcuate, with slightly flattened pink tips.  Flowering December.

Distribution: 3322 (Oudtshoorn): Moerasriver (-CC), Venter, Marx & Kent 94/61 (NBG), Bayer & Venter 6621 (NBG); Herold (-CD), Venter, Marx & Kent  94/92 (NBG).