Volume 2, Chapter 17:- Species and varieties listed

The following list follows the order in which specimens should be housed in the Compton Herbarium, National Botanical Institute, Kirstenbosch.  This list has a few amendments to that published in Haworthia Update 2 ca2006.  Gordon Rowley published a list of cultivar names in Alsterworthia to more formally recognise so many names that are useful or informative to collectors.  The object of classification is really to synthesise and generalise about plants.  As Dr Eggli stated, he feels he can attach little weight to any classification except in terms of the understanding he gains for the plants he has seen and knows.   So this list of mine is the product of my understanding of the plants I have seen and grown and conveys this information in respect of natural populations.  Among the many new names that have appeared subsequent to my 1999 revision, most simply precipitate collectors back into the good old days when the correctness of any name depended on its source i.e. one was sure of a correct identification only if the plant came from the author of the name or a very close source.  There are of course many plants in cultivation that do still carry their original and correct names and Gordon Rowley has listed many of them. They do convey an understanding of the history of Haworthia collecting but largely they are simply labels in the format of two latin names and seldom convey any information that such a scientific label suggests.   Gordon Rowley in private communication also humorously commented on the fact that MBB changes his mind. I cannot apologise for this because the fact is that I cannot even to pretend to understand the complexity that I see.  It has been difficult to write some of the preceding chapters for that very reason and I am very dubious that readers will necessarily be able to relate to what I have produced.  Certainly the authors of recent new names do not take my work serious and the attitude is quite mutual.  Many of the names are attached to my own records and are an essential part of the process whereby I arrived at my list.  In respect of virtually every new name I have seen, I am able to include it in this formal summary and account of species that have some rational reality.


1.         Haworthia angustifolia Haw.

var. angustifolia

var. altissima Bayer

var. baylissii (Scott) Bayer.

var. paucifolia Smith.

2.         Haworthia arachnoidea (L.) Duval.

var. arachnoidea.

var. aranea (Berger) Bayer.

var. namaquensis Bayer.

var. nigricans (Haw.) Bayer.

var. scabrispina Bayer.

var. setata (Haw.) Bayer.

3.         Haworthia aristata Haw.

4.         Haworthia bayeri Venter & Hammer.

5.         Haworthia blackburniae Barker.

var. blackburniae

var. derustensis Bayer.

var. graminifolia (Smith) Bayer.

6.         Haworthia bolusii Baker.

var. bolusii.

var. blackbeardiana (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

var. pringlei (Scott) Bayer.

7.         Haworthia chloracantha Haw.

var. chloracantha.

var. denticulifera (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

var. subglauca V.Poelln.

8.         Haworthia cooperi Baker.

var. cooperi.

var. dielsiana (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

var. doldii Bayer.

var. gordoniana (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

var. gracilis (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

var. isabellae (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

var. leightonii (Smith) Bayer.

var. picturata Bayer.

var. pilifera (Baker) Bayer.

Var puberula Bayer (nom. nud.)

var. tenera (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

var. truncata (Jacobs.) Bayer.

var. venusta (Scott) Bayer.

var. viridis Bayer.

9.         Haworthia cymbiformis (Haw.) Duv.

var. cymbiformis.

var. incurvula (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

var. obtusa (Haw.) Baker.

var. ramosa (Smith) Bayer.

var. setulifera (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

10.        Haworthia decipiens V.Poelln.

var. decipiens.

var. cyanea Bayer.

var. minor Bayer.

var. virella Bayer.

var. xiphiophylla (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

11.        Haworthia emelyae V.Poelln.

var. emelyae.

var. comptoniana (Smith) Venter & Hammer.

var. major (Smith) Bayer.

var. multifolia Bayer.

12.        Haworthia floribunda V.Poelln.

var. floribunda.

var. dentata Bayer

var. major Bayer.

13.        Haworthia heidelbergensis Smith.

var. heidelbergensis

var. scabra Bayer.

var. toonensis Bayer.

14.        Haworthia herbacea (Mill.) Stearn.

var. herbacea.

var. flaccida Bayer.

var. lupula Bayer.

var. paynei (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

15.        Haworthia lockwoodii Archibald.

16.        Haworthia maculata (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

17.        Haworthia magnifica V.Poelln.

var. magnifica.

var. atrofusca (Smith) Bayer.

18.        Haworthia maraisii V.Poelln.

var. maraisii.

var. meiringii Bayer.

var. notabilis (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

20.        Haworthia marumiana Uitew.

var. marumiana.

var. archeri Bayer.

var. batesiana (Uitew.) Bayer.

var. dimorpha Bayer.

var. reddii (Scott) Bayer.

var. viridis Bayer.

21.        Haworthia marxii Gildenhuys

22.        Haworthia mirabilis Haw.

var. mirabilis.

var. badia (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

var. beukmannii (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

var. consanguinea Bayer.

var. paradoxa (V.Poelln.) Bayer

var. pilosa Bayer (nom.nud.)

var. sublineata (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

var. triebneriana (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

23.        Haworthia monticola Fourc.

var. monticola.

var. asema Bayer.

24.        Haworthia mucronata Haw.

var. mucronata.

var. habdomadis (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

var. inconfluens (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

var. morrisiae  V.Poelln.

var. rycroftiana Bayer.

25.        Haworthia mutica Haw.

var. mutica.

var. nigra Bayer.

26.        Haworthia nortieri Smith.

var. nortieri.

var. globosiflora (Smith) Bayer.

var. pehlemanniae (Scott) Bayer.

27.        Haworthia outeniquensis Bayer.

28.        Haworthia parksiana V.Poelln.

29.        Haworthia pubescens Bayer.

var. pubescens.

var. livida Bayer.

30.        Haworthia pulchella Bayer.

var. pulchella.

var. globifera Bayer.

31.        Haworthia pygmaea V.Poelln.

var. pygmaea.

var. acuminata Bayer.

var. argenteo-maculosa (Smith) Bayer                .

var. dekenahii (Smith) Bayer.

var. splendens Venter and Hammer

32.        Haworthia reticulata Haw.

var. reticulata.

var. attenuata Bayer.

var. hurlingii (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

var. subregularis (Bak.) Bayer.

33.        Haworthia retusa (L.) Duval

Var retusa

var. turgida (Haw.)Bayer.

var. longibracteata (Smith) Bayer.

var. suberecta V.Poelln.

34.        Haworthia rossouwii (V.Poelln.).

var. rossouwii.

var. calcarea Bayer.

var. elizeae (Breuer)Bayer

var. minor Bayer

var. petrophila Bayer.

35.        Haworthia semiviva (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

36.        Haworthia springbokvlakensis Scott.

37.        Haworthia truncata Schonland.

var. truncata.

var. maughanii (V.Poelln.) Fearn.

38.        Haworthia transiens (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

39.        Haworthia variegata Bolus.

var. variegata.

var. hemicrypta Bayer.

var. modesta Bayer.

40.        Haworthia vlokii Bayer.

41.        Haworthia wittebergensis Barker.

42.        Haworthia zantneriana V.Poelln.

var. zantneriana.

var. minor Bayer.


43.        Haworthia attenuata Haw.

var. attenuata.

var. glabrata

var. radula (Jacq.) Bayer.

44.        Haworthia bruynsii Bayer.

45.        Haworthia coarctata Haw.

var. coarctata.

fa greenii (Baker) Bayer.

var. adelaidensis (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

var. tenuis (Smith) Bayer.

46.        Haworthia fasciata (Willd.) Haw.

47.        Haworthia glauca Baker.

var. glauca.

var. herrei (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

48.        Haworthia koelmaniorum Oberm. & Hardy.

var. koelmaniorum.

var. mcmurtryi (Scott) Bayer.

49.        Haworthia limifolia Marl.

var. limifolia.

var. arcana Smith & Crouch.

var. gigantea Bayer.

var. glaucophylla Bayer

var. ubomboensis (Verdoorn) Smith.

50.        Haworthia longiana V.Poelln.

51.        Haworthia nigra (Haw.) Baker.

var. nigra.

var. diversifolia (V.Poelln.) Uitew.

52         Haworthia pungens Bayer.

53.        Haworthia reinwardtii (Salm-Dyck) Haw.

var. reinwardtii.

fa chalumnensis (Smith) Bayer.

fa kaffirdriftensis (Smith) Bayer.

fa olivacea (Smith) Bayer.

fa zebrina (Smith) Bayer.

var. brevicula Smith.

54.        Haworthia scabra Haw.

var. scabra.

var. lateganiae (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

var. morrisiae (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

var. starkiana (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

55.        Haworthia sordida Haw.

var. sordida.

var. lavrani Scott.

56.        Haworthia venosa (Lam.) Haw.

ssp. venosa.

ssp. granulata (Marl.) Bayer.

ssp. tessellata (Haw.) Bayer.

ssp. woolleyi (V.Poelln.) Bayer.

57.        Haworthia viscosa (L.) Haw.


58.        Haworthia kingiana V.Poelln.

59.        Haworthia marginata (Lam.) Stearn.

60.        Haworthia minima (Ait.) Haw.

var. minima.

var. poellnitziana (Uitew.) Bayer.

61.        Haworthia pumila (L.) Bayer.